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GoodRx Option

$24.99 fee initial prescription

$24.99 fee for refill

(a GoodRx coupon will be emailed/texted to you with best deal available)


Although many people are seeking treatment options that will deliver medication directly to their front door, there are others who are still willing to go directly to their own pharmacy to pickup their medication.  Home delivery can be more expensive. but MENovatons Wellness provides another viable option for ED medications.

If you choose the Good Rx option, then you may choose refills from 1-11.  The fee charged will be assessed based on how many refills you are requesting (ex. $24.99 initial Rx fee + 5 refills = $149.94).  This option is often cheaper than paying extra for the convenience of home delivery.  A prescription will be sent directly to the pharmacy.  Present the GoodRx coupon for cash price listed on coupon.  

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