About Cynthia L. King

Published November 17, 2017

Cynthia delights in composing poetry, short stories and now, sharing her thoughts via MENO-Vations. Having recently transitioned from a sales management career in the consumer products industry, Cynthia is now able to devote more time to pursuing her passions of writing and philanthropy. She actively supports non-profit and community organizations focusing on women’s health, nutrition and wellness, youth empowerment and the arts. A native Detroiter currently residing in Charlotte, NC, Cynthia attributes her creative interests to family inspiration and just being from “Motown”.

Personal connection is a key motivator for Cynthia and most often demonstrated with family and friends. This belief challenges her to be the best friend and family member imaginable and ultimately the best person possible. Cynthia is an advocate of the power of positivity and believes the world needs more joy because life is too short to choose to be miserable She is a believer in the Golden Rule and lives by the mantra: Live fully, Love deeply and Laugh often!

Cynthia’s stories and poetry have been shared with audiences throughout including literary magazine publication and artistic websites.