About MENO-Vations

Published November 26, 2017

We all experience and relate to things differently, and menopause is no exception. In this book, MENO-Vations, we share real thoughts on menopause, offer suggested actions to cope, and provide vibrant art and blank space to encourage personal reflection. We call these thoughts MENO-Vations—a.k.a. menopause motivations.

MENO-Vations is designed to help us connect and look at ourselves and the menopause journey with humor and positivity. It allows us to incorporate the reality of womanly changes and the beauty and subjectivity of art into daily motivation.

Take a few minutes each day to relax; reflect on a topic, along with the associated painting; and relate them to you and your experiences. Before you know it, you are smiling and unbothered at the thought of a menopausal inconvenience.

MENO-Vations is perfect for women’s book clubs and small-group discussions that want to share perspectives, laugh, and deepen common bonds.

If you or someone you know is approaching, going through, or can remember the “joys” of menopause, this unique book is a must!

From hot flashes to forgetfulness, menopause is full of challenges that are best managed with a positive attitude. Take time for a bit of MENO-Vations each day and let its contents motivate you to strut through menopause with humor and art.