MENO-Vations Session: Weight Gain & Strut!

Published April 29, 2018

Women of a certain age: Do you notice extra bulges and rolls where smooth curves used to be? Does your favorite outfit fit a little differently – like maybe it shrank in the dryer?? Although we may gain a little weight as our metabolism slows down, we are still here and we still look good!  Listen in on a portion of a conversation about weight gain:

A MENO-Vations session allows for open discussion and laughter amongst like-minded women who understand and offer support in a safe space. A safe, supportive, sisterhood space. Session recommendation: Pose like artwork #26 titled “Freedom Fighter” and Strut On!

MENO-Vations a.k.a. Menopause Motivations is available now – get your copy at:, B& or