#Body Image: MENO-Vations Session Peek #menopause

Published June 4, 2018

We take a peek into a MENO-Vations session where the topic goes to Body Image. Most of us have a bit of insecurity about our bodies as we mature and it’s nice to be able to admit it amongst a group of women who understand and can relate. No judgement – only support, laughter and understanding!  If  one person has an issue with a thirty pound weight gain and another is still at high-school weight but noticing body shifts, it’s all good. We can share our feelings, suggestions, tips and laughter. Agree that although our bodies may change a bit, it only goes to make us even more fabulous!

Hold a MENO-Vations session with your group and expand the conversation. Menovations is available at B&N, amazon and menovations.com.