#Menopause Can Be Spooky #sisterhood

Published October 26, 2018
The thought of menopause can be spooky.

We know that 99% of females will experience menopause to some extent.  While the experiences along the journey are unique to each of us, the destination is the same; post menopausal bliss! The goal is to come through the journey as unscathed as possible.  Mood swings could cause you to alienate family and friends while hot flashes could have you arrested for indecent exposure. ? The menopause journey can be “spooky” if you go through it feeling like you’re all alone. A key part of MENO-Vations is to share experiences, viewpoints, laughter and provide a sisterhood of support.  Hold book club discussions or girls night out gatherings where the topic is menopause and use MENO-Vations as the conversation starter. We’re all in this together – Stay positive!

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