#MENO-Vations Ready To Go #Menopause #gifts

Published November 5, 2018

Most of us are pretty busy these days with very little time for self care.  Those of us approaching or going through menopause might benefit from taking a few minutes to calm our minds by reflecting on colorful artwork and relatable menopause topics. MENO-Vations (a.k.a. menopause motivations) happens to be that book that combines art and humorous thoughts about menopause.  It’s compact enough to fit in your purse so that you can take it with you to work, the office, the park or where ever you can get a few minutes to yourself.  Relax, read, relate, reflect, write – feel refreshed.

We believe that caring is sharing and hope that you share the benefits of MENO-Vations for menopause reflection with your friends and other women of a certain age that may be going through as well.  We’re all is this together and want to expand our sisterhood of support. Stay positive!

We had such positive feedback about the book cover art that we now have a few accessories available to compliment your look! The art evokes a strong sense of sisterhood which is a key belief of MENO-Vations. Check it out at:  https://shopvida.com/search?q=meno-vations&go=


MENO-Vations a.k.a. menopause motivations is available at amazon, B&N and menovations.com