Pause to Have a Happy Holiday with #Menopause

Published December 8, 2018
Pause for sanity

We are  now in full holiday season and may be feeling the stress to get it all done – and done well.  The joys of the season include working, shopping, decorating, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, traveling, and on and on….  Thanks to the hormonal changes of menopause, hot flashes may flare up more frequently and moods may swing more often during this time of year making you feel more like Scrooge than Santa.

You want to enjoy the holidays whether you spend them alone or with a house full of folks so PAUSE. Don’t forget to take care of you in addition to taking care of everyone else. We share a few ways to PAUSE and stay on track during the holidays and all year long:

Relax. Try yoga, meditation, rhythmic breathing, along with reflecting on the thoughts and art in MENO-Vations. Making time to use relaxation techniques can help quiet the mind and promote positive energy throughout the body.

Laugh. This can be especially helpful during menopause. Laughter can shift your mood into positive territory and help you deal with holiday stress more effectively. Try watching a fun holiday movie with your family such as Scrooged, Elf or Jingle All The Way or enjoy a sentimental “Hallmark” type movie all by yourself.

Stay connected. Even though you have many things to do, the holidays could still be the perfect time for a girls’ night out. We emphasize that social support is vital during this phase of life. Sharing your “menopausal moments” with your best girlfriends can provide support and maybe even an opportunity to laugh. MENO-Vations continues to be a great conversation starter and helps to keep everyone on the same topic and image.

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