New Year – New Thoughts: #Menopause

Published January 2, 2019

Happy New Year! Many of us make resolutions as we reflect on what we want for the new year; what we want to change, do or be. One thing you can commit to now is to be open and honest about menopause and your experiences with it.  This is not to have people in your business but to prepare others, offer and receive support and focus on the positive. 

When looking for alternative menopause support ideas, we’ve found that there are many more options and open discussions outside of the U.S. Why is that? Why don’t we like to discuss something that impacts so many of us?  Does it make us feel old in a youth obsessed culture? Do we feel less relevant by admitting that we are menopausal? We shouldn’t – we are women! We need to adjust our thoughts and not feel ashamed of this empowering stage of growth.

Well, we are trying to be the change that we want to see.  MENO-Vations (a.k.a. menopause motivations) is a great resource to surface your personal thoughts and then start the conversations within your book-clubs and personal group of friends and support. Use the thoughts about menopause and the colorful artwork to help you look at the journey with humor and positivity while forming a more connected sisterhood.

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