(Not) All About #Menopause and #Perimenopause #art #menovations

Published March 22, 2019

We were going to write “official” information about menopause symptoms but that’s not what MENO-Vations (a.k.a. menopause motivations) is all about.  We look at menopause and perimenopause from a personal perspective with humor, a little sarcasm and colorful artwork. MENO-Vations encourages personal reflection and group gatherings to acknowledge challenges attributed to menopause, share insights, and offer tips on how to manage. We also encourage menopause themed discussions to be held in a “safe” atmosphere where participants can feel the circle of sisterhood and support. Have some fun with it and don’t forget the laughter!

Menopause is a path that the majority of mature women will travel and we should remember that we’re not alone on the path.  We’re all in this together and MENO-Vations can be the starting point for conversations. Stay positive!



We did come across this relevant Web MD slideshow that gives more of an “official” overview of menopause and perimenopause that you may find interesting. This is not a part of MENO-Vations, we are just sharing relevant information because sharing is caring.

All About Menopause and Perimenopause (web md)

Available: B&N, amazon, menovations.com