#Menopause Body Image #art

Published September 1, 2019
“Just Shy” MENO-Vations art #27

Have you ever walked past a mirror while naked and thought someone else was with you because you didn’t recognize the body that you saw? Sometimes when we are at that certain stage of life known as “menopause” (including pre and post), we notice a few changes in our bodies. We may jiggle a little more, see a few extra love handles or may see hairs or spots where we hadn’t seen them before.

Many of us let these changes get us down and feel that we are losing something or becoming less than we were. We feel that we’re losing our youth, our sexiness or our womanhood. We say nay-nay! It’s all about our attitude and how we frame up the situation. Instead of thinking of what we are losing, think of what we gain and/or who we are. We may gain a few pounds but that means there is more of us to love. We may jiggle a bit more but that gives us extra rhythm when we move. We may have more hair and spots on our body but that gives us more of a unique design.

Each one of us is a work of art in process. Our body is like a canvas and all of the physical changes that we go through are a part of the process to create the masterpiece that is you! Stand naked in all of your glory and embrace it!

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MENO-Vations is a unique book that can provide a common starting point for conversations relating to menopause from a humorous and artistic point of view.