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Published October 3, 2019
Embracing each other through menopause and health exams!

Being that October has become known has Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as World Menopause Month, it is the perfect time to focus on supporting each other and taking care of ourselves. Schedule your mammogram and/or encourage others to do so. If you’ve been impacted by breast cancer, share your story with others to encourage healthy actions such as self exams, plant based diets, relaxation and exercise.

In support of world menopause month, acknowledge and embrace the changes that we, as women, go through. Don’t be embarrassed by hot flashes or brain fog; admit it and move on. If you have an opportunity to be supportive of another woman who may be experiencing symptoms, smile and let her know she’s not alone. We don’t like to discuss menopause too much here in the United States and seem to be embarrassed by it. However the topic is becoming much more mainstream in other countries, such as the U.K. and being discussed at conferences as well as in the workplace.

It’s also a perfect time to invite a few women over and have a MENO-Vations session. The goal is to be able to discuss menopause with like minded women in an informal, relaxed environment using the book MENO-Vations as the conversation starter and to keep everyone engaged and on the same page. Don’t forget the music, coffee, snacks, and wine!

The time is now to take care of you. If not now, when?

Also, just sharing a link to a study regarding menopause and breast cancer FYI: Age at Menopause | Susan G. KomenĀ®


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MENO-Vations is a unique book that can provide a common starting point for conversations relating to menopause from a humorous and artistic point of view.