Going through #menopause during the holidays? #sisterhood #girlsnight #support #bookclubs

Published December 7, 2019
Women supporting women is everything!

As we get busy working, shopping, cooking, taking care of kids, bosses, spouses, parents and everyone else, we often forget to take time for ourselves. While the holiday season brings joy to many, it can bring additional stress and angst especially when combined with the impact of menopause. Occasional mood swings and hot flashes may intensify during the holidays as well as sleepless nights and brain fog. Of course we, deal with the situation, but it’s always nice to be able to commiserate with someone else who understands what you may be experiencing.

Call your sister, best friend or other women of a certain age and meet for lunch, drinks or just chat time. Gather in a safe space so that all feel comfortable sharing, encourage everyone to bring their copy of MENO-Vations a.k.a. menopause motivations, and let the conversation flow!

MENO-Vations is a unique book that can provide a common starting point for conversations relating to menopause from a humorous and artistic point of view. Also makes a great stocking stuffer! We’re all in this together.

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