Happy #Menopause Party!!

Published January 11, 2020
We celebrate going through life together!

In general, women like to party. We have birthday parties to celebrate another year of life. We hold bat mitzvahs in the Jewish community to celebrate a girls coming of age. Many women hold “womanhood” celebrations when their daughters begin having a period. We also celebrate graduations, retirements, weddings, births and any other life change, accomplishment or special occasion. So, why don’t we celebrate menopause? It is simply the onset of another phase of life and should be celebrated as such rather than anticipated with dread.

Start a new trend and invite all of the women in your circle of girlfriends, sisters, and womenfolk to a party for all who have reached menopause status within the past few months. Everyone invited can have fun and play a role within the celebration. The more senior women can act as the elders of the tribe with words of welcome and show that life thrives on after menopause. The “menopause queens” will be the honorees and receive the love. The younger women see the supportive environment and begin to look at menopause in a more positive way rather than as something to fear.

Then make it an annual thing (at least) to welcome women to the menopause celebration!

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