#Menopause Vowels of Love

Published February 5, 2020
“Three on the Beach” MENO-Vations art #2

February is here and our thoughts go to Valentines Day, winter vacations and romance. I love love as much as anyone else and romantic relationships are wonderful. However, when you are menopausal, it may be hard to think of someone else when trying to keep from going hot and crazy. To avoid disappointing yourself and or someone else, focus on loving yourself first. Not in a narcissistic way, but in the “put the air mask on your self before helping someone else” kind of way. You’ve got to be able to breathe in order to be of assistance to others. Likewise, you’ve got to love you before you can love others and expect others to love you.
What does it mean to love yourself and what’s an example of how can you do that? We offer the vowels of menopause as an example to help frame the concept.
A: Admit- that you are menopausal. Admit this to yourself and to significant others that may be impacted including co-workers.
E : Explain – what menopause means, what changes your mind and body are going through, and what you may need from them.
I: Insist – that others respect your feelings and needs. If you block out 15 minutes of meditation time or time in front of a fan, take it.
O: Own it. Don’t apologize for going through menopause – consider it a rite of passage.
U: Unite – with other women of a certain age who can relate and offer support. Girls night outings and ladies lunches can include time for sharing.
Just have everyone bring along their copy of MENO-Vations (a.k.a. Menopause Motivations) to provide a shared starting point.

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