Women’s History Month #menopause #support

Published March 7, 2020

When thinking about some of the awesome women throughout the ages and their outstanding accomplishments to civilization, I start to realize that many things unite us. One of which is “menopause”. Think about it, women since Eve, have been having monthly cycles which tend to change after prime child bearing age.

Women used to be ostracized to blood huts when on their periods. We were often considered crazy and given drugs when the hormonal fluctuations of menopause began. Men where the ones who coined the phrase and prescribed the treatments. Well, we are in a different time where women are more in control of their lives including their health and social acceptances. We understand the value of a network of support and the importance of sharing our experiences with like minded women.

Throughout history – women!

Celebrate being a woman! Celebrate reaching and surviving menopause!

MENO-Vations is a unique book that can provide a common starting point for conversations relating to menopause from a humorous and artistic point of view. Also makes a great anytime gift! We’re all in this together.

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