Spring Has Sprung! #menopause #joy

Published April 3, 2020

It is officially spring, so let’s celebrate! The days are longer, the temperature is getting warmer and we are another season older and wiser. We may complain about menopause but we realize that not every woman that we know of has lived to make it to this phase of life. Not to be morbid, but with all of the current headlines and constant media bombardment, we realize just how fragile and precious life is. So we want to focus on the things that we can control rather than being negative about things beyond our control.

We have made it to another spring. Let’s leap for joy and appreciate the sun and warmth. When we have a hot flash or night sweat, think of the joy of spring and it may help to keep it in perspective. Some of us may have a few more challenging problems attributed to menopause yet when we think of those women who did not live to experience this phase, our challenges may not seem so bad. When we have those night sweats, try to think of the cooling April showers and the benefits they bring. Not totally applicable, but it may help to keep us grounded. 🙂

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