MAY we be one with MENO-Vations #menopause

Published May 1, 2020

Deep breath in then exhale slowly. Again. Take a few moments to reflect on your menopause experience. What is good and what’s not so good? Deep breath in then exhale slowly. Again. How do you feel about menopause? Are you embarrassed, ashamed or feeling down? Do you welcome it as a bridge to another phase of life or as a necessary nuisance? Deep breath in – exhale slowly. Again. Who told you about menopause and who do you talk to about it now? Do you feel isolated and alone or do you feel part of a huge sisterhood of women experiencing the same thing? Deep breath in – exhale slowly. Repeat.

Do you like art – especially bright and colorful abstract art that allows you to use your imagination to reflect, relate and relax? MENO-Vations a.k.a. Menopause Motivations is a unique book for self reflection and can provide a common starting point for conversations relating to menopause from a humorous and artistic point of view. Also makes a great anytime gift! We’re all in this together.

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