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Concierge Care


"Experience Total Wellness with MENovations Concierge Care Services"

Concierge Care via telemedicine provides men's health services that include unlimited communication with your health care provider. This service is basically like having a health care practitioner on retainer, allowing you to get personalized, high-quality care without the need for long waits or inconvenient appointments. With Concierge Care via telemedicine, you can get the care and advice you need when you need it.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

What Does This Service Include?


For $79/month, Concierge Care via Telemedicine includes:

  • 24/7 access to your provider via text message or video chat (video chat not available after 10 pm)

  • Medications sent to your pharmacy within 1-2 hours from your immediate need

  • Monthly reminders on testing milestones by age range

  • Free 12 week workout program based on your goals (maintenance, bulking or cutting)

  • Free dietary advice and guidance

  • Yearly comprehensive physical 

  • Yearly blood work orders and review

  • Referral out to medical specialists if needed 

  • Any needed medical excuses 

  • And more...

Typical Treatment Needs

man texting

Acute Bronchitis

Seasonal Allergies



Sore Throat

Pink Eye 

Motion Sickness

Upper Respiratory Issues



Sinus Infection

Cold Sore




Uncomplicated Cellulitis


UTI Symptoms


Muscle Aches

Hair Loss

Prescription Refill

Work Excuse

Maybe You Had One of Those Uhh-Ohhh Moments!




Genital Herpes

Privacy & Discretion Absolutely Assured!!!

Many more evaluation & treatment options available for monthly subscribers...

$39 for single visit

$79 for subscription and 24/7 access


Book Online Appointment to Establish Care Relationship


Fill Out Intake Forms


Discuss Healthcare Needs With Your Provider


Make Payment of $39 (single visit) or $79 (subscription) and Reach Out Anytime You Need Your Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I reach of to my provider?

You can reach out to your provider for issues or needs 24/7.  This can be via text messages, phone calls or by video.  Video calls are not allowed after 10 pm.  

Can I use this service for a one-time visit

Actually, yes you can.  When you go to the portal to choose your appointment, click the one-time visit appointment slot.

Does the provider handle chronic issues?

Yes, the provider will manage chronic illnesses provided that you do not have a primary care provider.

Can I get prescription refills from this provider?

Yes, absolutely.  As long as you are current with you payment.

Will I be penalized if I need to cancel my initial visit?

No, but out of courtesy, please do not wait until the time of the visit to cancel.

How much does Concierge Care via Telemedicine cost?

Our subscription price is $79/month.  Our one-time visit price is $39/visit.

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