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Reinventing MEN...
Happier, Healthier, Stronger



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MENovations Wellness is a men’s health clinic based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa Bay, Florida. We strive to assist men by health promotion, preventive medicine and optimizing their overall functionality. We offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Exercise Programs, Erectile Dysfunction treatment and Concierge Primary Care. We make things easy and convenient for the busy man on the go and the man who simply wants to feel alive again.


We are a cash-based practice; therefore, we do not accept insurance.  Many patients may not know that in some cases, insurance companies have a large amount of influence regarding the care that is received.  By not allowing these third parties to dictate your care, MENovations Wellness is free to focus solely on your needs and allows for a high level of discretion regarding your treatment plans.


At MENovations Wellness, We Are Reinventing Men…

Happier, Healthier, Stronger!

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