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Option #1   $130/mth 

Testosterone Cypionate Injections

Option #2   $159/mth

Testosterone Gel 20%

Option #3   $199/mth 

Kyzatrex (testosterone pills)

Add On Adjunct Therapies:

+ Nandrolone ($30/mth)

+ P5P ($40/mth)

+ DHEA ($40/mth)

+ Stanozolol ($120/mth)

+ L-Cartitine (+ $80/vial )

+ Gonadorelin ($40/mth)

+ HCG ($40/mth)

+ Cabergoline ($40/mth)

Testosterone Boosting:

Clomiphene $149/mth

Enclomiphene $169/mth

Initial Assessment    $99

Sperm Analysis         $180 

Monthly Treatment   $99/mth 

Treatment to Increase Sperm Count:

+ Gonadorelin ($40/mth)

+ HCG ($40/mth)

+ Clomiphene ($50/mth)


Sildenafil (generic Viagra)   

$29.99 per Rx 

$29.99 per Rx refill

Tadalafil (generic Cialis)       

$29.99 per Rx 

$29.99 per Rx refill

*Rx sent to Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Pharmacy

*will send to your personal pharmacy if you prefer

PT-141                    $199/vial

Trimix Injection      $125/vial


Semorelin                            $199/vial

Ipamorelin                           $199/vial

*vial typically lasts between 6-12 weeks depending on dosing


Base Price                 $99/mth

Add On

+ Semaglutide ($200/mth)   

+ MIC w/ B12 ($50/mth)

+ HCG ($40/mth)

+ GOAL ($80/mth)


Single Visit            $39    

Subscription          $79/mth


Care Bundles

TRT + Sildenafil Rx  

(save $10/mth)

TRT + Tadalafil Rx   

(save $10/mth)

TRT + Concierge      

(save $30/mth) 

TRT + Semaglutide  

(save $50/mth)

TRT + Semaglutide + Sildenafil   

(save $60/mth)

TRT + Semaglutide + Tadalafil    

(save $60/mth)


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